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Charter, August 2010
By-Laws, June 2011
Policies and Guidelines, August 2010

Standard Club Policy (SCP) - Cancellation/Refund Policy

If a participant of a Club Crabtowne, Inc. event withdraws from the event, Club Crabtowne, Inc. will refund any monies prepaid by participant that Club Crabtowne, Inc. is able to recover from the event's vendors and contractors, less a cancellation fee of 15% of the event cost up to a maximum of $30.00. Refunds will not be made until after the event is completed and all financial transactions are completed with the club treasurer.
All Club Crabtowne, Inc. activities and events are governed by this Standard Club Policy unless a different cancellation/refund policy is specified in the newsletter article announcing the activity or event.

Event Leader Materials

General Forms.

Sheet (member)
Sheet (non=member)

NON-CONTRACTED Activity/Trip Forms - Used for Events which DO NOT require contracting with an outside vendor.

Proposal - NON-CONTRACTED Instructions
Proposal - NON-CONTRACTED Form

Proposal - WATERSPORTS Form

Proposal - NO COST Form

Liability Waiver-Risk Assumption & Sign-up Sheet
Liability Waiver-Risk Assumption & Emergency Information Form

CONTRACTED Activity/Trip Forms - Used for ALL Events CONTRACTED with an outside vendor.

Proposal - CONTRACTED Instructions
Proposal - CONTRACTED Form
Federal W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
Sign-up Sheet
Participant Application, Cancellation, Liability, Waiver and Risk Form
Liability Waiver-Risk Assumption & Emergency Information Form
Evaluation Form


Income Transmittal Form - Page 1
Income Transmittal Form - Page 2
Income Adjustment Form
Expense Report Form
Expense Adjustment Form
Request for Payments Form
Final Report Form

To Event Leaders:
A few words about the "Activity Fee"

Club Crabtowne, Inc. has historically worked very hard to keep the membership dues as low as possible. In fact, the membership dues do not cover the fixed expenses of the club. To help offset the fixed expenses of the club, Club Crabtowne chooses to assess an "activity fee" on most club activities. This "activity fee" is currently set at 5% of the cost of an activity of $10 or more.

All activity proposals must include the "activity fee" in order to be approved by the Board... it is simply part of the "cost of doing business" through Club Crabtowne as it helps to cover the club expenses not directly related to specific administrative activites, such as the newsletter, accounting, meetings, etc., etc.

--The Board

Free Software

Our club documents are available in one or more of several formats: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are modifiable formats, or Adobe Acrobat .pdf (Portable Document Format), is a viewable only format. You can download these for free: Microsoft Word Viewer, Microsoft Excel Viewer from Microsoft, or the free pdf Acrobat Reader from Adobe.